Krazy Kalifornia: Disturbing Behaviors in Public Places — and the Need for Reform in Mental Health Care

In this article I will present examples  — either photos, videos, or narratives from witnesses — of disturbing behaviors in public places.  The intent here is to visually represent the enormous need we have for an effective way of treating those with serious mental illness in our society.  Our present system for caring for these people is not only extremely ineffective, but quite dangerous. It endangers both those with serious mental illness, by repeatedly putting them back on the street where they are unable to care for themselves, and it endangers the public, who are too often victims, (and sometimes the murdered victims) of criminal acts by those with serious mental illness.

See this article where it’s stated that Alameda County has the highest rate of 5150 calls in the entire state:

“In Alameda every 48 minutes someone is placed in a costly emergency psychiatric evaluation because he or she has been deemed a danger to himself or herself or others,” wrote Alameda Supervisor Wilma Chan in the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this year. “This is the highest rate in the state of California.”

If Alameda County has implemented Laura’s Law, why are those with serious mental illness still on a merry-go-round, circulating in and out of psychiatric institutions on dozens of 3 day holds, but never getting long lasting and effective treatment?

Krazy Kalifornia No. 1: Man in Berkeley outside Starbucks at Ashby and Telegraph Avenues, November 25 2017

Krazy Kalifornia No. 2: Man talking loudly to himself using obscenities, at Glen Park BART station:

Man with serious mental illness hitting himself at bus stop:

Mentally ill man talking to himself at bus stop:

Seriously mentally ill person and angry crazy person — very tense situation for everyone else on the bus:

Woman with serious mental illness on bus:

Mentally ill homeless woman on SF bus:

Mentally ill person in Santa Rosa on the sidewalk:

Mentally ill man begging in BART:

Disturbed person on BART:

Crazy person assaults someone on BART

Disturbed person on BART

Disturbing behavior in San Francisco

Disturbed man harming himself on public streets

Disturbing behavior on the street in SF

Passed out on the street

Disturbed person on street in San Francisco

Bizzare behavior on Market St SF

Disturbing behavior on the street in SF

Doing drugs openly on the street

Aggressive panhandling

Street bum — young man on streets for 7 years

Mentally ill on SF Street

Crazy man begging for money

Yelling throughout the streets

Disturbing yelling on the street

Disturbed person assaults others on the street

Nasty crazy behavior on the street in NYC

Crazy woman on SF bus

More Crazy ladies on buses

Lots of crazy ladies on buses

Mores crazy ladies on buses

Crazy lady on train harrasses people,

Crazy lady on subway harassing other passengers


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